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Works In Progress and Goals

I have taken down all of my art except for gifts. I have been hit with a copyright and security issue that DA will not help with. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for understanding.
I am no longer excepting commissions on high quality art currently to protect my best works, but I may accept simple lineart trades and requests.

I am currently focusing on my Sci-fi Fantasy Series and if you would like to help make it happen please consider donating!
Buy Me a Coffee at

1. Research for better world building. *In progress
2. First Draft of first book in series. *In progress
3. Learning to draw male anatomy.
4. Learning watercolor.
5. Landscaping
6. Book series related artworks.
7. ** Request for OtakuAlice45 Progress 25% "Lineart Stages"
8. Mother of Charity on hold debating color scheme.
9. MercenaryBlade request

Check out my Ko-fi no need to donate, free to follow. 

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Its a long story for me to get into and I'm highly considering leaving DA after some ugliness and maltreatment on here from some of the admins. I don't want to lose contact with people I can grow and learn with, but DA has effectively caused more harm than good for me. It has amounted to stress, depression, hurt feelings, and anger. I feel DA has become like poison for me and is no longer beneficial to use.
Let me explain a bit I guess. 
I tore all of my artwork down from DA because it was posted in this scraped porn malware phishing site which also is a form of copyright infringement.
I reported it to DA because they are the site that was scraped. They acknowledged the security issue and decided it warranted no action, and they would not help with my infringement issue either. I took it to Google Legal Team and have heard nothing. (Mind you this was months ago now.) I tried to ply some further help from DA staff and things got ugly quick on their end. I remained polite and I feel even though I was frustrated at the situation and was seeking continued help on a case, I felt it didn't warrant what was said to me. For a site that claims to be tolerant and loving, and against hate speech its admins sure do not uphold this. The admins are supposed to be the beacons of the community, the paragon of example. Yet I was belittled, I was told my reputation didn't matter, I was told I must be a religious nut case because if anything porn would be a good attachment to my name and drive curious viewership... My art was pulled into the discussion and I was told my art look liked shitty kid art. (BTW all of the art that I posted recently was really old and had no reflection on actual skill level. If you saw Crystal Magnum you know this.) This attack was lead by the same person who favorited several pieces of mine and had been so willing and loving to give amazing feedback in the past. I am not naming names, because this ins't a call out journal. Anyway, I was so taken aback by this behavior and shocked. I essentially said I didn't come here to be insulted. Yet they denied insulting me in the same breathe and when I replied that I didn't think I wanted to be part of a site that treated its members like this. I got told no one will care if you leave, that I am not a professional artist, and I am not making them enough money to even care. 
Now I do understand that I don't have a "large" following, and I do not carry that much weight in this community, but I feel I do have a decent amount of followers that care about me and I have loved growing along side of you, but honestly I am still leaving DA. They haven't won by encouraging me to leave. It will look this way to them but I have my integrity and moral high ground because I will not stand for a site that treats its customers and users poorly.
I know can stand firm in my decision that this site is no longer interested in its "community" its artists, its people, and the management of the site or the protection of copyrights, or security. If I was scraped, you are vulnerable too. This isn't just a copyright issue its also a security issue. Personal info can be leaked and other things as well, which seems to me to be a real issue they should care about.

To have ones art, intelligence, spirituality, and morals laughed at and insulted really hurts, and I know they know that. (I was ganged up on by 3 different admins. I wish I would have saved the conversation. Hind site is 20/20. I was so angry and hurt it hadn't occurred to me.) I will still continue to strive forward in my art though. They cannot stop me in my art progression or discourage me. I may leave the account up and have it redirect to another site or blog. I have not decided where to go yet if I even choose a place to lay my head. Until then, I will not be posting anything art wise. I have take 99% of everything down, I shut a group down as well. This wasn't a knee-jerk response. This was the straw that broke the camels back with DeviantArt. After being here for 13 years I can say I am not proud of what it become.
From the overwhelming amounts of pornography, to the really sick stuff I will not mention that I have reported and has gone ignored I have decided to walk away from it. It is a haven for pedophiles and bad people, trolls, scammers, spammers, liars, hackers, and all sorts of bad behavior. Granted I will miss the inspiring artists (the good artists) and the good people that are the few gems here and there off of this site, but its not worth the stress, the depression, the anger, or the time. Most of it is poison. I will leave the option for people to sign up for a personal email/friends list. My new email is listed in my Deviant Id. 
Thank you for you time. I am sorry it had to come to this. 
I'm on if anyone is interested. Its a forum and a cloud storage tool for writers. Join for free! Also if you want more tools and functions there is a pay rate too. If anyone is curious? Same username.
I will be posting something up soon. I need to update everyone.
I had secured a code from a friend for a friend but it turns out two of the people that were interested already have codes and accounts now. So is anyone else interested in a code? It took me a while to hunt one down so I don't want it to go to waste. 


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My art isn't public domain
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I no longer use DA anymore, and I have removed all of my artwork except for gifts, and requests or writing group stuff. You will no longer be able to find my best or detailed works. I've been slowly working with google to have them all removed. After being hit by two websites that stole my works, and another one that has posted my work to a porn site, I have chosen to take it down. I do not condone what has happened or support scrape. DA has a serious security issue that they are choosing not to address, claiming it is my problem. No one is safe here, you credit card, email, or whatever is not safe. My art is not public domain and neither is yours. I own everything that I have worked hard on. I will no longer be posting here or online anymore.

I may swing by from time to time to check in on my writing group. I may come back when things have cooled down for me. But not right now, things are still fresh and I am still angry. When I am less stressed out I may swing back by but only to dispense points for contests in my group.

I'm going to use this time to continue working on my sci-fi fantasy series. If anyone is still interested in following my progress in art or writing. Feel free to email me. Or if you are just interested in staying in contact you can email me at

Please feel free to donate! I could use the help to realize my book series! Buy Me a Coffee at


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